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comfy collars

I hate the traditional Elizabethan cone collar - or lampshade as we call it!! I hate how dirty and smelly they get, I hate the way they scratch along the wall and I HATE the way they scratch the backs of your legs when you least expect it. So when I spotted the small cut on our old sheepdogs back leg and watched him lick and lick I really wasnt looking forward to another stint.
Having spent an age on the internet I finally came up with a few alternatives. My first choice - called No Bite  - looked great BUT only seems to be sold in the USA.If anyone knows where I can lay my hands on one in the UK PLEASE do tell!!!!!
This is my second choice - called a comfy collar - its inflatable, comes in various sizes and allows animals to move, eat and rest without affecting vision.
Well, I have my doubts - not convinced he will keep it on and not entirely sure that he cant reach his back leg.Its not cheap either - this one was £13.99. However , this is only day 1 so we can but try.......
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