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Antifreeze and pets.....

Well, New Year has been and gone and I suspect January has some cold wintery nights ahead for us.
Like most people, we have a small container of anti freeze under the kitchen sink for clearing the car windows on such occasions and, to be honest, I hadnt paid much attention to its contents.
Yesterday, I found an article (quite by accident) about anti freeze poisoning - and its nasty!
The main ingredient in some anti freeze is ethylene glycol. Anti freeze also seems to be sweet so animals like the taste. Ethylene glycol toxicosis is mostly fatal - the initial symptoms are subtle and kidney faliure occurs quickly.It is a horrible death .
We should all keep anti freeze in a secure container, check car radiators for leaks and keep pets away from puddles and places where it may be used.
It is possible to buy less toxic alternatives which are propylene glycol based.
Visit  Blue Death Org UK - to learn more and
sign the petition asking for anti freeze to be made bitter ( if not banned altogether)
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