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Guinea pig pleasures......

  1. Try putting apples, lettuce, oranges, carrots, etc. on a bit of string and hang it from cage roof.
  2. Take a paper towel tube and cut it open (this is so that your guinea pig will not get stuck in it). Place it in your guinea pig's cage so they can chew on it. Hide food in it when you feed them, it's great fun.
  3. Take one or two paper bags for them to hide in, they are a big hit. Try cutting a little hole or peek hole in the back or on the sides.
  4. Put your guinea pig's cage somewhere people pass by often or go to see it often
  5. Build a small, sturdy shelf for your guinea pig, above the level of the plastic bottom of its cage, if it has that style of cage so it can see out!
  6. If you own a hairless guinea pig, most of them are ticklish.
  7. Tents made out of "clean" old shirts (be careful to remove all buttons) can be great fun, they love jumping in and out of the tent! If you are going to leave your guinea pig unattended with a tent, just make sure it's suspended securely so the guines pig can`t get caught up. 
  8. Give the guinea pig some wood from an apple tree, it is safe and keeps their teeth down.
  9. Get a plastic litter box or a plant tray and fill it with wood shavings, then get some of your guinea pig's favorite veggies, cut them up into small chunks and mix them in with the wood shavings.
  10. Take a plastic spoon and drag it on the floor. Many guinea pigs will have hours of fun with the plastic spoon. Make sure it does not chew the plastic though.
  11. Always pet your guinea pig.
  12. The best thing for your guinea pig is another pig, the more the merrier!
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