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Entertaining the rabbit......

  • Cardboard boxes with door holes cut out
  • Foot stools or small chairs to jump on (rabbits love a look out!)
  • Toilet roll inners stuffed with hay and herbs
  • A deep tray filled with soil for them to dig in
  • Rabbits love stripping the bark off apple tree branches
  • Fill a breakfast cereal box with hay and herbs and treats
  • Hide treats in their hay
  • Branches with fruit and veg hanging from it
  • Things to throw about such as plastic plant pots
Rabbit toys you can buy from shops
  • Tunnels - some have velcro on the ends so you can join them together
  • Maze Haven
  • Willow balls
  • Rabbit-safe toys with bells in
And the best thing of all to keep your rabbit happy and entertained is... a little bunny friend!
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