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Final comments for 2013 ..Setting the record straight...

This is my final post for 2013.
Having taken offence at comments made recently to me I feel I would like to say the following before we go into a New Year.

I realise that I can`t please every one all of the time BUT  when there are some things that I can`t just let go ....soooooooooo

1. I have an answer machine - often if I am busy - tending my family, shopping, walking dogs, giving medication , I won`t answer the phone. It is easier to allow the machine to take a message and then reply when I have the diary with me. This doesn`t mean I have left dogs on their own for hours on end (not impressed by this one) It means I have chosen NOT to answer the phone for some reason / or am walking a dog /or have a dog visit arranged etc.. Sorry 

2. I cannot always guarentee the dog bedding will go home in perfect condition - it depends upon the weather really but it will never go home urine soaked or disgusting - this just doesn`t happen EVER!

3. This is my home and dogs that come to visit will be kept clean - I would never send a dog home smelly and dirty (if they get dirty outside I will bath them ) Again this just doesn`t happen EVER!.

4. And finally, I am happy if people wish to bring their dog crates , I am happy to follow instructions as to how / when they are used But I do not EVER leave an animal in a cage for a long period of time. EVER!

I apologise to all the lovely people who bring me sweet and lovely dogs -for sounding like an old witch- however one this one occasion I feel it is absolutely vital to make the above statements crystal clear

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