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Well, I certainly had my eyes opened about animal rescue organisations this week. Let me start at the beginning.....
A tiny white she cat has been wandering around our street for a little while. Everyone seemed to assume she belonged to some one else. When the rain came last week she made a bee line for our open porch and I finally got a closer look at her.Her fur was matted with oil, her bones could felt through her coat and her back legs were bent and bowed.Added to all her troubles every breathe she took rattled. Despite all this- she was a sweetheart -purring away when offered a plate of food and very eager to be inside our front door!
After a night in a box in the garage, it was obvious she needed vet. care and after a morning trying to trace an owner , I began ringing rescue centres looking for help. Hmmmm.....can`t say I am impressed.
Eventually, we found her a home ourselves ( it took the entire day) with people who will love and care for her. She is now at her new home,has received vet attention and, I am told , has already fitted into family life brilliantly.
HOWEVER - to Freshfields - THANK YOU - for actually caring enough to speak to me AND ring me back a few days later to check further.
To those rescue centres who thought a tiny little scrap of fur was so unimportant they couldn`t be bothered to reply to their answer machine message - and, to those who really weren`t interested when I did speak to them - SHAME ON YOU!
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