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Breeze - The Forever Dog - Pink!!

Ok - I am back!I have been trying very hard to train my human but she`s a little slow so this is taking longer than I first thought it would! Will some one please tell her I HATE PINK!!!!!!!!!! I don`t want to be a girlie girl - I want to roll in the mud ( and other things) , run thought the grass
and get DIRTY. I hate soft pink, delicate pink, pinky pink - Basically I HATE PINK.........and, guess what? - She has bought everything - and I MEAN EVERYTHING in....wait for it....PINK.

My bed is pink, my crate is pink, Teddy is pink, my food bowl is pink.My new pink collar has little pink diamantes on it AND... she says she has some little pink wellies for me - she can forget them for a start..........
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