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For Cadi.....gone but not forgotten...

We will miss your gentle sweet nature sweetheart...

Your Best Friend

You took me in when I was alone.
You loved me when no one was home.
You were never angry when I was bad.
And you dried my tears when I was sad.

They said I was a pest, a rogue.
No longer cute, no longer vogue.
I don't know what I did that was so wrong.
But with you I sing a different song.

They gave me to strangers, people unknown.
They gave me away, like a tossed away bone.
But one day you came into my life.
You took me home, you ended my strife.

And now dear mistress, I shall not roam.
You saved my life, you gave me a home.
For you dear mamma, I'll lay down my strife.
As your dog and friend, your companion, for life.

And when the time comes for me to go.
Don't cry dear Mistress, for I'll not be alone.
Walk with me to the end, walk with me that last mile.
And as my eyes close, I'll see love in your smile.

Don't cry for me, Mistress, don't shed any tears.
You gave me all of my happiest years.
And when your time comes to walk the last mile.
I'll be there to meet you, and my eyes they will smile.

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