Home from Home -  Boarding Kennels and Cattery
Accommodation - 
Although we mainly describe ourselves as an exclusive   boarding kennels we can now offer accommodation for a small number of rabbits and guinea pigs.We have spacious,comfortable living quarters for rabbits / guinea pigs / ferrets. Mice / rats / hamsters etc are very welcome in their own cages!
You are more than welcome to bring your own living quarters for indoor rabbits/ guinea pigs if you prefer.
  Our services include-
. Luxurious outside housing with separate sleeping quarters  during the day and inside night quarters - do  click on the next page for an idea of accomodation.
Litter trays, hay racks, water bottles and feeding dishes are provided.
. Toys are provided for interest.
. Fresh hay, straw and sawdust are included in the price.
. Brushing if requested.
You need to provide a supply of your pets usual food and treats for the duration of boarding AND a suitable carrier for drop off and pick up purposes. We would recommend treating rabbits with fly guard (or a similar product) to prevent fly strike.
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