Home from Home -  Boarding Kennels and Cattery
Terms & Conditions -
By bringing your pet to Home from Home kennels and cattery you are accepting the following Terms & Conditions -
1. No deposit is required but payment must be made at the commencement of booking either by cash or cheque.
2. We do not offer collection or pick up services. Your pet must be collected at the agreed time on the date stated. Checking in and out times are 10-10.30 am & 4.00-4.30 pm and an appointment must be made for the times you require.
3. If you are delayed then you must inform us and agree to pay any additional charges when you return.
4.Pets are expected to arrive in a suitable manner - with a lead . in a carrier etc...These will be left with us so that your pet can be handed back at the end of their stay in a safe and responsible manner.
4. All animals will be checked on arrival  at the boarding kennels for signs of illness, injury and parasites.We reserve the right to refuse any we feel are not in good health / or have not been previously discussed with us.
5. In the case of rabbits, we would prefer  vaccination proof for Myxamatosis and VHD. Although we do not insist upon this, owners who do not provide such proof will be expected to sign stating this has been discussed. Visiting rabbits are kept separately in luxury outdoor hutches during the day so we consider this to be vital.
6.All pets in our care are kept apart unless otherwise requested by the owners.Therefore,  Home from Home kennels and cattery will not accept responsibility for any pet pregnancy.
7. If your pet becomes ill while you are away,we will contact the emergency contact details you have provided and expect the nominated person to act on your behalf with regards to pick up, vets visits and treatment should it be required.
8. The utmost care and attention is paid to the pets in our care. However, Home from Home  boarding kennels and cattery will not accept any responsibility should your pet pass away unexpectedly while in  our care.
A copy of these terms & conditions will be provided with our Customer Services form on confirmation of  new  bookings.
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